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What is life like onboard?

Logos Hope is so much more than a ship and the books she carries. It’s all about the people! Form deep friendships with fellow crewmembers as well as with local volunteers and visitors you will meet in every port. Witness how God has created every individual differently and love them all the same. Learn to love others like Him. Get ready to have your perception greatly challenged and your relationship with God molded.


Logos Hope crewmembers are unpaid. Each one is a volunteer and most people have to raise financial sponsorship to cover the costs of participating. The amount required varies from country to country.


Every crewmember must have the support and backing of a sending church in their home country.


While no one is paid to serve on board, all meals are provided for our crewmembers onboard Logos Hope.


Most crewmembers are assigned a cabin sharing the space with up to 3 other people of the same gender.


Crewmembers are required to work five days a week. On first joining, most people will work in one of these departments: deck, engine, hotel or catering.


One day a week is spent serving the public on board or local communities ashore through our various outreaches.

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